Getting ready for Easter – part 1


How do you get ready for Easter? Well… I knit… and this is what I do:

Stocking Cap Egg Cozy

Breakfast Eggs in a Eggcup  on whiteNeedles: Size 5 UK DPNs

Gauge: 20 sts in k1,p1 pattern = 10cm


  •  CO 20. Join in the round being careful not to twist stitches. Place marker.
  •  Row 1 and all subsequent rows: K1, p1.
  •  Repeat pattern until hat is 9cm long.
  • Decrease row 1: K2tog around–10 sts.
  • Decrease row 2: K2tog around–5 sts.
  • Finishing: Cut yarn leaving 20 tail. Thread tapestry needle through tail then pick up live stitches with tapestry needle and cinch closed. Weave in ends. Make and attach pom-pom.

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