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10 Free Patterns for the Beach Loving Knitter

10 Free Patterns for the Beach Loving Knitter

Summer is upon us and there is no better way to get away from the heat and enjoy the sun than a day at the beach. The music of the waves, the fruity cocktails, the fun in the sand, and the display of beachwear are but a few of the reasons we all like our sunny days near the sea or the ocean.

As we are also passionate about knitting, I thought a quick list of free patterns for beach related knits would help us all. Nothing like a colorful tote or a quirky hat to fuel our passion and allow us to express our own style! Here goes, a selection for all your beachwear knitting needs, all free, all waiting for you to knit them!

For your head

Stay stylish and safe from too much sun!

1. Windansea

This a beautiful and lightweight sun hat, also relatively easy to knit.

Pattern link

2. Colorful bands

Nothing like the beach breeze to mess up your hairdo. The Three Beach Bands are an easy to knit solution to that problem. They also just happen to be gorgeous!

Pattern link

Pattern and photo courtesy of Rebecca Hope Osborn

Pattern and photo courtesy of Rebecca Hope Osborn

Beach bags and totes

Going to the beach implies carrying a lot! Your book or kindle, sun lotion, money, other cosmetic products, a wrap or a sarong, your hat, your phone…. See where I’m going? Here are a few bag and tote designs to help you with that.

3. Chippzan’s Beach Bag

It’s colorful, it’s stretchy, and it only takes a few hours to knit!

Pattern link

4.  Wave Beach Bag

This one is a bit sturdier, perfect if you’re carrying things that need to be kept safe during your day at the beach

Pattern link

Photo courtesy of Grace Alexander

Photo courtesy of Grace Alexander

5. Not a Sandy Bottom

Yes, sand getting everywhere is a problem for us all. This particular knitted beach bag solves that particular problem.

Pattern link


Wraps, Sarongs, and Beach Parties

6. Splashto

This is a swimsuit cover up that not only is perfect to wear at the beach, it is also easy to knit while you’re lounging in the sun.

Pattern link

7. Playa Beach Cover Up

While it is a swimsuit cover up, to me this looks perfect for a beach party! Well, if it’s the beach party that comes with a nice fire, otherwise you might get cold.

Pattern link

8. Beach Dress for stylish little girls

If your daughter, niece, little sister or cousin is joining you at the beach, she should have her own knitted dress for the occasion.

Pattern link

9. Knitted Sarong for Summer

It’s colorful and sexy, and not very hard to knit. This sarong is just perfect!

Pattern link

Courtesy of Canada Living

Courtesy of Canada Living

And a little fun!

10. Mini octopus

I find octopi funny and sweet. So getting your own mini octopus to remind you of the beach or to have as a toy to distract children sounded like a good idea 😀

Pattern link

That’s it, hope you liked our selection. If you want more lists like this one, let us know. Feel free to also suggest topics, and we’ll get it done.

I’d love to see your beach knits, so if you start any of this projects or you have your own ideas, feel free to share them with us!

I did, I did, I won!


OMG, I cannot believe it! A month ago I entered a knitting contest on Deviantart… and guess what, I WON FIRST PRIZE! Yuhuuu!

For this contest they were looking for anything beach, seashore, or nautical, beach-y, summery colors, animals that live or spend part of their time on the beach, seashell and nautical sailing motifs, etc.

I closed my eyes thinking about the contest’s theme and a romantic dinner heated by the dusk popped into my mind. I immediately picked my needles and my favourite yarns and this is the result:


N2L Seaside Goodies

A Dominican beach, a glass of red wine and the love and company of your other half.
The foamy little waves colour the pink shiny sand into a creamy beige. Algae complete the scenery like a diamond necklace completes a stylish evening dress.
Red, orange, pink, a touch of mauve and a hint of green… the sun is setting.
Close your eyes, can you picture my evening?

A. The N2L Shellfish Backpack Keyring

A very practical keyring, a functional backpack and a cute item to have.

This is not your usual Keyring, it is an actual mini backpack. The finished product measures 10 cm/ 7.5 cm and it can fit all sorts of individual “must haves”: a full size lipstick, an inhaler, a lighter, your hotel magnetic card, several folded notes etc.
Cherry on top, you can use the straps as a belt loop.
Personally, I would attach it to my bathing suit.

It is a fairly easy project that you could finish in a weekend.

B. The N2L Shellfish purse
A functional little purse that will become your most precious item on a night out.
When I go clubbing, I do not like carrying large purses on the dance floor. This little shell proved to be very practical for these kinds of situations.
If worn on the wrist the pearl strap will look like a bracelet and the shell will hang just enough for you to feel it in your palm.
It is spacious and it easily fits several notes, a couple of coins, your lipstick and even a mini perfume. The gap between the closing pearls is small enough to make it safe for you coins.
Last but not least, it is a stylish accessory that will complete your evening outfit.

Patterns now available on Ravelry and in my Etsy shop!

Last but not least, Thank You to all of you out there who believe in me!
Thank You for organizing this contest and for choosing this theme! It really inspired me!Love 
 Thanks to the sponsors, who have been very generous! Hug 
 Thank You to all the participant!Clap