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Knitting the Plot –Books that Feature Knitters


Books and knitting seem to be a match made in heaven. They are great fun on their own, reading and knitting, but when put together, a lot of wonderful things tend to happen. That is probably why knitters and knitting are featured in novels so often. And not any kind of novels! It seems crime, mystery, and thriller are the prevalent choice when a character who’s knitting is involved. Sure, there are a few general fiction and romance books, but the number of mysteries and detective stories are the overwhelming majority.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular such novels so that you can enjoy knitting in all its forms while reading a book!

Let’s start with the most iconic series of today’s mix, Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. Knitting is featured in quite a few of the books, but if you’re an Agatha Christie fan, I recommend you read them all.

'Shepherdess Seated on a Rock' (The Knitter) by Millet, Cincinnati

The list of books in the same genre that revolve around knitting is quite impressive. These series tend to have a lengthy life span and quite a bit of popularity. Let’s start with the series Black Sheep Knitting Mystery by Anne Canadeo. Knit, Purl, Die was my favorite headline in the series. I should mention now that some of these titles are very creative and smart, in case you needed another push to check them out, other than the knitting theme.

The Needlecraft Mystery series by Monica Ferris contains an impressive number of novels – seventeen of them to get you hooked and keep you entertained. If you like series with lots of books already published, another good choice is Maggie Sefton’s Knitting Mystery. Another title that caught my eyes – Knit One, Kill Two.

Now, after all that murder and mystery, let’s move to a different line of fiction: romance, life stories, and more knitting. Because there is more in the city than sex, let’s start with the Knitting in the City romance series by Penny Reid. Kate Jacob’s Friday Knitting Club series brings you women whose passion and friendship mix to bring you touching life stories. If you’re already craving for more romance, then we have the Cypress Hollow Yarn series by Rachael Herron.

Our selection focuses on series revolving around knitting, but there are quite a few standalone novels and stories featuring the same theme, as well as many more series that we did not come across. So if you have read any book that is or isn’t on our list, please share your thoughts and feel free to recommend them to our readers!