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Get lost in the fire!


Have you ever loved someone so much that you got lost in the fire?

I have! And I am still lost in the fire, it is still burning, more and more every day. I wake up before you and I secretly reminisce all the lovely things you said, you did and you made me feel the day before! I light a match every morning and my fire is growing growing growing!

Today’s inspiration… from Persephone

Persephone_by_blackeriPersephone – by Marta Dahlig


Are you going to age with grace?
Are you going to age without mistakes?
Are you going to age with grace,
Or only to wake and hide your face?

A kiss sealed in time


I love to play. And I love roses.

I started collecting roses when I was in secondary school. It started with an innocent white rose and a shy kiss on the cheek. My first one. For every rose a shy kiss, a story of hopes and dreams.

Isis, Aphrodite, Venus, images of what I am and what I feel when I am surrounded by roses.

Red for true love, passion commitment; Yellow for friendship, joy, get well, platonic love, appreciation and… jealousy; Lavender for royalty, enchantment, majesty and everything love at first sight stands for; Pink for grace and elegance, sweet romance, gratitude, appreciation and clumsy sympathy; White for the pureness a new love, for a bride in unity and virtue but also honor and reverence for a departed one; Orange as an expression of fascination, or a silent “I’m proud of you.”.

A large collection of feelings and memories, places to revisit and persons never to forget.

But roses fade… Like everything else in this peculiar world they transform. For me, they never die, they age, just like a good whiskey, better with time, enjoyable for a long lasting trip in the past.

I tried many techniques, from hairspray ti nail polish, but nothing works better than the natural process. I almost never put my roses in water. It might seem cruel, but it is the only way I have to make sure that they do not rot.

If you do put your roses in water, remove them just when you notice they start fading. Remove any faded leaves and blooms and using kitchen scisors or a handy-dandy pruner, trim stems. If you prefer them in a large arrangement, wind a piece of strong sewing thread around the stems.  Be careful, for best results you need air circulation around each flower so do not “strungle” them.

Tie a strong string to the arrangement or to the idividual flower.  Try to find a nub to tie it under so when you hang it upside down the string won’t slip off.

Hang the arrangement or the individual roses to on a drying rack or curtain rod, hangers or why not, directly to the ceiling. Make sure you hang them in a dry place!

I a couple of weeks you will have amazing dried roses to play with and make amazing home decorations.
Have a sneak pick to my projects:

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