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Knitters Wanted!



Hi all,

I am looking for knitters to review my patterns on Ravelry and Etsy. In exchange I will offer 20% off on any of my designs.

All my patterns have already been tester both by European and American knitters, so this is not a pattern testing.
As a designer, I am quite new on Ravelry and Etsy and I would like to make my patterns known. A pattern becomes popular when it has comments, stars, pictures, favourites, people talking about it. And this is what I am interested in.
You can chose any pattern you like and I will send you a 20% off coupon code. As well, you can review as many patterns as you want and the discount will apply for every purchase.
There is no timeline , but it would be great if you could finish it in a week. All my items are small and therefore quite quick to knit.
Once you have finished it, please put your pictures, comments, start rating, difficulty level etc on Ravelry/Etsy. (You do that by linking your finished items with my pattern).

If you are interested, please let me know which pattern you would like to review and on which site and I will send you a coupon code.

Thank you in advance,
Alexandra Sim

I missed you!


Hi all,

Yes, I know, I have been kind of absent, but for a good reason. I was really busy designing some cool useful stuff for you, my dear reader. You can find my designs in my new page called “N2L Designs“.

I like it, I love it, I enjoy it, so you can be sure that all my designs are made with love and with you in mid. But let’s have a look!

n2lpatternsYou can now find my patterns on Ravelry, Etsy and Cfratsy.

I hope you will enjoy knitting them as much as I enjoyed creating them!